Ana Guarisma

Hi there, Nice to meet you!

I’m Ana, Producer/writer, Registered Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Intuitive & Energy Healer, but my favorite and most important role is being a mother of two beautiful girls. Since a very young age I loved music, dancing and the performing arts; I was very much an introvert (well…I kind of still am) also a reader, and a very introspective girl. I always felt more than what my eyes could see but I never knew other people didn’t. When I was eight years old my grandma, a life-long Intuitive and Energy Healer, whom I first learned everything about spirituality, faith and manifestation from, lead me to start a meditation practice, to later do my very first healing session as a child. After that I went on with the motions of life, I was mostly a quiet girl that was hyper aware of her surroundings, I’ll never remember what you’re wearing, but I’ll always notice and remember how you feel, because the language of energy is my strongest knack.

After a few ground breaking and traumatic events, I finally became ready to own and share my abilities as an Intuitive Healer, the pain and struggle had broken the seal of consciousness for me, and as I grew and developed my aptitude, I got certified as a Yoga and Meditation Instructor, and a Reiki Energy Healer, I later got trained and coached to better understand my intuitive abilities and, during the process I have been privileged to help others transform too. My journey of awakening hasn’t been easy, it is the high road for sure, but I wouldn’t have chosen it any other way. I now dedicate my life to helping others heal themselves thru yoga, meditation, energy & intuitive healing and, lifestyle coaching. If you’re ready to become the more conscious, vibrant, and happier version of yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and get ready for the ride, I promise to hold your hand the whole way thru. 

Where the magic came from

My great grandma Francisca Duarte was a healer, a teacher, and a midwife. I like to think that I owe and honor my hyper sensibility and healing abilities to her and that is why I dedicate this little space to her.

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