This episode is focused on giving you tips and resources to help you understand meditation, explaining the meaning, the purpose and the benefits of a meditation practice. You will learn:

1. What is meditation?
2. How to dive into your first meditation
3. What to expect after you’ve had a couple of days or weeks into your practice
4. How to create the discipline to continue to practice


Use a mantra to enter your meditation, mantras means mind vehicle, it helps the process of clearing your mind. I like to think of mantras as a lullaby for the mind, the more you repeat it the calmer your mind will get.
You can use anything from: OM, or you can use SOUL HUM, or just about anything, I like to use mantras depending on my mood, for example if I’m feeling any kind of pain, I like to use THANK YOU FOR MY HEALING, this helps me get into a space of healing instantly allowing me to feel better, or you can always use a general gratitude one like THANK YOU FOR MY BLESSINGS. The key is to repeat your mantra until your mind is calm enough to enter the meditative space and then you can let it go.

Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Experiences:

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Producer / Writer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Intuitive & Energy Healer.

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